Although many students and teachers eagerly await summer vacation, the end of the school year can actually be rather stressful for many students. Some may feel nervous about the changes that the following year will bring: a new teacher, a new classroom, a new group of kids. They may also have strong feelings about being away from their friends for long periods during the summer. Finally, the complete freedom of summer days can be overwhelming for some kids. So, how can we smooth the transition for our children from the structure of school days to the freedom of summer?

  1. Maintain your routines.

As much as possible, try and stick to your normal routines such as your bedtime routine. If you can, maintain consistent sleep and wake times. Also, keep your normal meal times to the extent possible. If there are certain family activities you normally do on the weekends, it could be helpful to keep those in tact. Keeping your regular routines will help your children feel more secure and confident. 

  1. Schedule some playdates.

Summer days can sometimes start to feel lonely or boring when your child is used to school days filled with activities with all their friends. Try and sprinkle in some playdates with your child’s friends from school to keep their connections strong. Getting an ice cream cone or going to the local park are some simple activities that your child can enjoy with a friend.

  1. Prep them ahead of time.

To the extent possible, preview for your child what will happen the following day or even in  the coming week. Knowing what’s coming up can decrease feelings of apprehension and help your child feel comfortable. Making a big calendar together with picture cues could be a helpful way to preview all the fun activities in store this summer. 

The team at Key Learning Resources is wishing you a seamless transition from the school year to summer. We hope you have a safe, fun-filled summer break! 

In Partnership,

Lindsay Samson Harrington