Keys To Success – Our Approach

At KLR, we apply a strength-based approach to our work with clients. We approach each session with curiosity, utilizing guided questioning to help our clients uncover their areas of growth and action steps. We know that each individual’s path is unique, and therefore our coaching is tailored specifically to each client and their needs. Acting as facilitator and guide, we boost our client’s self-efficacy and confidence so that they can reach their true potential.

Key to Success The Process

Progress Monitoring

In this phase, we will reflect on growth and monitor progress. This is a great time to celebrate successes. We will also identify your remaining growth edges and make a plan for how to move forward.

Guided Discovery

This is a time for your coach to get to know you and meet you where you are. Together, through informal assessments and interviewing, we will help you uncover your unique strengths and areas of growth.

Goal Setting

Your coach will help you create goal(s) that are SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-oriented).


It’s time to put your new skills to work! During this phase, you will apply your new skills in the context of school, work, or at home. You will also execute your action plan.

Skill Enhancement

This is the “meat” of the work. In this stage, your coach will teach you specific skills and strategies to help you achieve your goals.