What are executive skills?

Executive skills are the cognitive processes that help us to regulate our emotions, make decisions, complete tasks, and achieve goals. Individuals that struggle with executive functioning may have difficulty staying organized, remembering commitments, starting and completing tasks, and sustaining attention.

Here’s the good news: these skills can be taught, practiced, and mastered like all other skills! KLR is here to help you sharpen your executive functioning skills so that you can reach your goals.

Are you a good fit for EF coaching? If you or your child answered YES to one or more questions below, you might be a good fit for EF coaching!
  • Do you find it difficult to get started with tasks that are undesirable?
  • Do you have difficulty sensing the passage of time? 
  • Do you find yourself blurting out or making impulsive decisions?
  • Do you struggle to meet deadlines at school or at work?
  • Are you often late to class, work, appointments, or meetings?
  • Are your work and living spaces disorganized and cluttered? 
  • Do you often forget to bring necessary items to appointments/classes?
  • Do you lose things frequently?
  • Do you find yourself putting off tasks or projects until the last minute? 
  • Is it challenging for you to focus on the task at hand?
  • Do you find it difficult to get your needs met at school or work?
  • Do you have difficulty deciding which tasks are most important?
Skills Addressed Through Coaching
Time Management

The ability to estimate how much time one has, manage it effectively, and meet deadlines.


Creating and maintaining systems to keep track of materials and information.

Emotional Control

Being able to manage your emotions effectively and tolerate stress appropriately so that you can achieve your goals.

Sustained Attention

This refers to the ability to stay focused in a situation or when completing a task even in the face of boredom or fatigue.

Goal-Directed Persistence

The ability to have a goal and follow-through with that goal even in the face of distractions.

Task Initiation

The ability to get started on tasks independently and in a timely fashion.

Working Memory

The ability to hold information in mind while performing complex tasks. (i.e. following multi-step instructions)

Planning & Prioritizing

The ability to focus on what’s most important. This also involves creating a roadmap to achieve a goal or complete a task.


This refers to the ability to self-monitor your behavior and self-evaluate your skills (i.e. asking yourself, “how did I do? How am I doing?”


This refers to one’s ability to express their needs and wants effectively at school and at work.

Habits Of Learning

This skill set includes effective note-taking and study habits.


The ability to revise plans in the face of obstacles, setbacks, new information or mistakes; being able to adapt to new conditions.

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