What is educational therapy?

Educational therapy utilizes a combination of educational and therapeutic practices for remediation of learning difficulties. This approach offers children and young adults an individualized intervention plan designed to help them unlock their true potential in the classroom and beyond.

As an educational therapist, I work with my clients to uncover their unique learning needs. After evaluating their needs, it’s time to set goals with input from our client and their team. With these goals in mind, we work on implementing remedial strategies and skill building. We also act as case managers, providing input and advocating for the needs of our clients in school meetings with allied professionals. 

The ultimate goal of educational therapy is to teach our clients how to learn so that they can be independent, lifelong learners.

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What is the difference between an educational therapist and a tutor?

A tutor typically assists with homework and provides instruction in a specific subject area such as reading or math. On the other hand, an educational therapist provides specific interventions for learning difficulties, conducts informal and formal assessments and collaborates with the client’s team of teachers, parents and other allied professionals. In general, the goal of tutoring is to achieve better grades whereas the goal of educational therapy is to empower individuals to be independent learners.

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