Academic Coaching

Although academic coaching incorporates elements of traditional tutoring, the aims of academic coaching go further by giving students the tools they need to be independent learners. Academic coaching empowers students to take ownership over their own learning by equipping them with the executive functioning skills necessary for school success. 

Does your child need a tutor or an academic coach?

• Student is struggling with a specific academic skill in a class (i.e. math fact fluency)• Student is struggling with habits of learning such as note-taking, preparing for tests/quizzes, planning for projects etc..
• Student has difficulty in one specific subject or class (i.e. Biology)• Student has academic difficulties across many or all subjects
• Student is organized, can locate materials, submits assignments on time, and start tasks independently• Student often loses materials, has difficulty meeting deadlines, and struggles to initiate and complete tasks
• Student needs to prepare for a specific test or exam• Student needs to learn effective study strategies and test-taking skills
Skills Addressed Through Academic Coaching

• Number sense
• Spatial awareness
• Mathematical reasoning
• Problem solving skills
• Word problems
• Estimation
• Recognizing patterns
• Performance anxiety
• Math vocabulary


• Phonological awareness
• Decoding
• Encoding (spelling)
• Comprehension
• Vocabulary development
• Sight words


• Written expression
• Organization
• Grammar & Writing mechanics
• Creative writing
• Steps in the writing process
• Planning & brainstorming
• Paragraph writing
• Essay writing

Habits Of Learning (Executive Functioning):

• Homework management
• Test preparation
• Study skills
• Project Management (backwards planning)
• Effective note-taking

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