Our Story

Lindsay S. Harrington’s Training & Qualifications:

B.S. in Elementary Education, Boston University, Wheelock School of Education & Human Development

Professional Certificate in Educational Therapy, University of California

Associate Educational Therapist, Association of Educational Therapists 

Year-long Executive Skills Coaching Seminar, Peg Dawson & Richard Guere, Smart but Scattered Kids

Graduate of Empowering Students with ADHD Through Coaching, JST Coaching & Training

Teaching Seeing My Time, Marydee Sklar of Executive Functioning Success, Seattle Pacific University

Associate Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation


Executive Function Coaching

Educational Therapy

Academic Coaching

Words from our happy clients

“My daughter, Sebella started working with Lindsay during the difficult time of the pandemic. She helped her build so much confidence and depth with her writing and math skills. She was also a huge support system for my daughter while she worked through some personal difficulties during the at home schooling. I’m so thankful that we had her support and teaching during that time.”

Eric W.

5th Grade Parent

“We can’t say enough about the work Lindsay Harrington has done with our daughters. We were initially referred to her during the pandemic, when we were looking for resources to help supplement their online instruction. Lindsay worked with the girls throughout the pandemic and beyond, identifying and focusing her energies on those areas needing improvement. She was clear and thorough in her communications with us regarding their progress, and was readily accessible whenever we needed to touch base. Lindsay also provided significant extra value in assisting the kids with their middle school entrance exam essays. A veteran teacher, she is well versed in the admissions process, and helped our daughters craft essays that well reflected their personalities and their academic progress to date. She was a true lifesaver in this regard. We recommend her without reservation, and are grateful for her amazing work with our children.”

John H. and Melanie B.

5th & 7th grade parents

“ Lindsay was not only competent and warm, but innovative and engaging. She developed a persuasive writing exercise modeled on shark tank, and had him pitch his ideas to her peers and associates. In time, we became as attached to Lindsay as our son did. Most importantly, Lindsay provided our son with the academic skills to excel and develop a positive self-image as a strong student. If your child has special educational needs, we cannot not recommend Lindsay Harrington’s services more highly.”

Josh S.

6TH Grade Parent

“My 8-year-old has been working with Lindsay twice a week for the last six months. Lindsay uses Orton-Gillingham instruction to support my dyslexic child’s reading growth. He has made tremendous strides this year. Lindsay is the third ed. therapist we have tried; her approach and connection with my child has had by far the most durable results. I am so grateful for her care for my child and his learning.”

Landry T.

5TH & 7TH Grade Parent

“Lindsay has been working with my daughter for the past six months, teaching her tools to overcome her reading disability. Right away, Lindsay worked to establish trust with our daughter and they have really connected, so she really looks forward to her sessions. They have worked together to improve reading fluency and Lindsay has instilled a greater sense of confidence that has really helped our child to keep up with the fifth-grade curriculum.”

Michael W.

5TH Grade Parent

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